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Secure Your Vote This Election Day With uni-ball® Pens

Exclusive “Super Ink” formula can help prevent voter fraud with paper ballots

Oak Brook, Ill., October 29, 2008 – As one of the most important elections in history approaches, Americans voting with paper ballots could become a target of voter fraud – unless they choose the right pen.

According to, more than 15 states still use paper ballots and an additional 22 states use mixed forms of paper balloting, including traditional punch cards. Depending on where you live, the writing instrument you choose to darken those ovals on voting forms could make a difference. Uni-ball® encourages paper voters to make the right choice and use a secure pen to help ensure a tamper-proof vote.

To help guard against potential vote tampering, use a black pen that prevents document and check fraud. Uni-ball pens like the uni-ball 207, the Jetstream, the Jetstream RT and Vision Elite feature an exclusive ink formula that won't wash out. Uni-ball's proprietary “super ink” formula contains tiny color pigments that are absorbed and “trapped” into a paper's fibers -- technology that helps deter criminals and identity thieves who could otherwise wash away a typical ball-point pen's ink and replace it with marks or signatures of their own.

“We offer an affordable and effective way to help fight document fraud and identity theft," said Steve Gradman, senior brand manager of uni-ball pens. “Our goal is to ease the minds of individuals when writing sensitive materials – from paper ballots to checks and tax forms. We want to ensure all votes count on this important Election Day.”

Despite the different types of voting methods, this is the year to make sure your vote matters – regardless of how you vote. In fact, a recent CNN poll found that 42 percent of Americans do not trust their votes will be counted accurately. When in doubt about the voting process in your area, contact your local polling place or election board for more information.

For a complete list of paper ballot states, visit For general check fraud and identity theft prevention tips, visit

About uni-ball®

Part of the Newell Brands portfolio of leading brands, uni-ball is a world leader in providing an optimal writing experience, offering writing instruments with superior functionality and affordability, including a unique ink system proven to help prevent check and document fraud. Newell Brands Office Products Group, marketer and North American distributor of uni-ball® pens, is a worldwide leader in the manufacturing and marketing of writing instruments, art products and office organization and technology products, including such well known brands as Paper Mate®, Sharpie®, DYMO® Parker®, Waterman®, EXPO®, uni-ball®, and Rolodex®, among others. Visit for more information.


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